Clair de Lune

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Piano music by Beethoven, Chopin, Brahms, Debussy, Scriabin and Rachmaninov.

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3 reviews for Clair de Lune


    You’ll be captivated by his interpretation. Take his approach to the Nocturne opus 9 nr. 2 by Chopin, or the three Intermezzi by Brahms: his fingers bring these works to life, thanks to a beautifully balanced and light-footed touch and quick tempos, through which the pieces emerge clean cut and lean.


    “Fomin, who graduated from the Gnessin Institute in Moscow, is far removed from the production of just ‘easy listening’ and soft, whispering sounds. In this case, as a Gnessin graduate, and in good company with Kissin, Lifschitz, Maisenberg, Zylberstein and Trifonow,
    he stays true to his roots. 

     “Fomin also embodies the strongly virtuosic tradition of Russian pianists on this “Moonlight” CD. The big fists of a Gilels and Berman are audible in the octave basses in Beethoven’s introductory ‘Adagio sostenuto’ part, as well as in the middle parts of the Brahms Intermezzi opus 117. The power in the attack and the richness of perspectives from the tones of the piano, whereby the recording evocative, sometimes with some force from the bass, allow Fomin to sound fully like an ambassador from the old Russian school. Beethoven’s C-sharp Sonata starts mightily, with relatively lots of rubato. The Allegretto comes with elegant light-footedness; the Trio again marked as vigorous. 
    Fomin gains momentum in ‘Presto agitato’ with dynamics that are rich in contrasts. The espressivo melody could be somewhat clearer, but Fomin continues to captivate with the fermatas. Even in the singsong cantabile Chopin Nocturnes op.9 No. 2 and op. 27 No. 2, Fomin sets about his work in a wholly unsentimental way. 

    Dynamic shifts are used a controlled manner. The accent placed on the Belcanto Allure is wonderful. Painful undertones are almost too sorrowfully played in the piece in D-flat major. Nocturnal sentiment is used very sparingly, in any case. [..]The depth of the three Intermezzi op. 117 by Brahms is fully understood by Fomin. The enduring melody, reflecting ritardandi and fine dynamic nuances are convincing. “
    ”At the end, Fomin shows himself to be a grandiose Rachmaninov interpreter!”


    ‘But then! With Brahms the atmosphere suddenly becomes different. Here Fomin finds the nuance. In particular, the considered rubati in the second Intermezzo in B-flat are effective and full of ambiance. In Debussy’s Arabesques you might long for more subtle fingers, but Clair de Lune is beautifully done. The CD only gets better the further into it you go, as Fomin feels clearly at home in the Russian world. The pieces by Scriabin and Rachmaninov obviously come with waves of tension and something akin to improvisation. The switches between light and dark, which lie hidden in the CD’s theme, are showcased to their best here’.

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