Press quotes for The Art of Dutch Keyboard Music

‘A beautiful box, it deserves a wide audience’

Opus Klassiek, Emanuel Overbeeke

‘The Art of Dutch Keyboard Music, a lifework, the majority of the works were never published, not on LP nor on CD’

NRC, Floris Don

‘Many interesting compositions for piano, of international standing, eminently recorded’

Trouw, Christo Lelie

‘Jacob Bogaart has erected a unique monument’

Het Parool, Erik Voermans,

‘Historical recordings”. “Praise to Jacob Bogaart’

Telegraaf, Thiemo Wind

‘Pianist Jacob Bogaart recorded a unique collection, one great journey of discovery.’

Leeuwarder Courant, Erik Voermans

‘Discoveries of our own soil’

Gooi en Eemlander, Josée Zuiver

‘With this valuable CD box Jacob Bogaart achieved an accomplishment of great stature.’

Nederlands Dagblad, Roel Sikkema

‘Jacob Bogaart is a very gifted player, who has endeavoured to give each work an optimal interpretation.’
‘A varied documentary, a musical appealing and exciting anthology of Dutch keyboard music.’
‘This remarkable and important CD box is characterised by a beautiful execution, musically and programmatically, textually and by design.’

EPTA Bulletin, Christo Lelie

‘An impressive anthology.’

Luister, Olga de Kort Koulikova

‘Stunning Dutch heritage. An overview in which every CD tells us how proud we should be of the Dutch cultural inheritance.’

Klassieke Zaken

‘Jacob Bogaart is a pioneer, an advocate and a tireless discoverer of Dutch keyboard music.’

Pianist, Olga Koulikova

‘..what a beautiful clear playing, never massif or woolly, pianoplaying which I love’

Katja Reichenfeld, musicreviewer, author

‘This is a monumental achievement.’

Jan van Dijk, composer, last still living pupil of Willem Pijper

‘A veritable mer á boire’

Paul van Reijen, musicologist, professor University of Groningen, pianist, publicist

‘.. this remarkable project deserves all possible appreciation for its programming and execution.’

Daniel Wayenberg pianist, composer

‘Never before were Dutch keyboard works played with such profound surrender. One surprise followed by the other. A more convincing plea for Dutch National heritage does not exist.’

Vrienden Nederlandse Muziek

‘A monument to cherish.’

Het Dagblad v.h. Noorden

‘An A+’
‘All played with great inspiration; an exemplary production.’

Pianist, Hans Quist